H o l a.

I would like to make a great announcement. I have successfully finished my Accessibility Software course as a senior in college! We created an app designed for people who have difficulty verbally communicating, so that they may use photos! =) My professor was extremely pleased and proud of my team, as we were the backend team, but we also did a hefty chunk of frontend work! If you’d like to learn more about our awesome accessibility project and how that experience has been, click here!

Now, in this blog post, I would like to talk about some interesting things that I have discovered as I work on my own personal projects. One of which is, this cool website called semver.org. I ran into this while I was trawling StackOverflow, trying to resolve the many “Unable to resolve module ….” red death screens I’ve been getting as I try to build my first React Native app on my own. (Must admit, the benefits of having a team is that you can delegate and split up work, getting tasks done faster.)

It’s so funny because I had to learn a lot about the differences between package.json and package-lock.json after realizing that I wasn’t getting anywhere trying various npm commands. Software is so interesting and confusing at the same time. It’s like one never-ending, long book, filled with logic puzzles. Depending on what projects I choose to work on, I can go on various journeys. It’s like a “Pick your adventure,” kind of book. I love reading, so you can understand why this eXciTes mE. you, a new reader, internally thinking: ಠ_ಠ what a NeRd

me, disturbingly winking at you: yOu KnoW iT YEEEEEEEETTTT

Anyway, there’s a place called “Dependency Hell,” and semver offers a preventative method so that you hopefully never end up in this pit of despair (a place when dependencies are “too tight” and “too loose”). As unfortunate as it would be to end up in such a place, it would also be fun to battle my way out and put my brain into coughfour wheel drive. ALL ENGINES, GO!!!

That’s all for this post. I don’t think I’m in Dependency Hell yet. I’m in a sort of pre-Dependency Hell state, mostly comprising of me trying to understand how to resolve these odd module errors. The good thing about struggle is that through it, you come out stronger. You may knock me down 6 times NODE_MODULES…. BUT I SHALLL….. RISE 7!!!!

Adios for now! Slow and steady and determined wins the race.

Circa 2019. Jessica, sitting in her room and figuring out bugs:
A man with glasses sitting in front of a computer with a fire right in front of him, looking like he questions all his life decisions that made him arrive at this point in life.