Remember when you guys were kids and people asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up? I used to say “Artist!” but then I was naturally discouraged to pursue that because… “ArTisT? hA! A ReAL JoB, jEsSicA!” But I can officially say that I now know what I would like to professionally be. drumroll I want to be… a software architect!

What are the responsibilities of a Software Architect? Is architecture and environment the same? Does a Software Architect code? What’s the typical day of a SA look like?

These were some of the many questions that blitzed through my head as I read more and more about this line of work online. The more I learned, the more complex my questions got. So, I scoured many StackOverflow posts, hoping to get a general, practical idea from developers who were working in the industry. But it only left me more confused, as many answers had differing views and/or experiences on what the responsibilities of an SA are.

But this article helped me better understand what a SA’s duties are by asking another question: “What is architecture?” (Click here to read!) My game plan to become a SA is to 1) Gain a bunch of experience with architecture, backend stuff 2) Read a fuckton of books and material. cue perfect segue to my Nerd Book Flex I have a list of programming books I am going to read, which include SRE: How Google Runs Production Systems and SEI Series in Software Engineering. Right now, though, I’m reading Clean Code! It was recommended to me in an interview for an entry-level programmer position, and so far it seems to be a serious book, a real challenge to complete, for people who truly want to write more beautiful code. The introduction mentioned probably four times that this book is not a “feel good” book, you will actually have to struggle because you will be reading and analyzing actual code. aND bOi Am i ReaDy! all rockets, g o !

Now, book recommendations! I highly recommend Bad Blood, which is about the startup unicorn company, Theranos, whose blood-testing technology was not functional like they claimed. It’s insane. I’m also reading The Overstory, a heart warming book about life, trees, and humans. (I must admit that I bought this book because of the great reviews on Amazon, without understanding what the plot was. I’m 66% done with the book and I finally have a clue as to what the plot is, and I have no regrets with my ballsy, poorly-educated decision. I won’t spoil this book for you. ;))

I’ll see you guys 5NeVeR because I got to go hard, staying in the present and spending some much needed time with my ideas. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but if you don’t spend the time to build the bricks, build the system, you will never reach your end goal!

Until then, stay KaWaii OwO #UwU

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