Greetings, people! This is an art-focused post, unlike my usual mix of tech + art!

Now, I do remember saying in my last post that if I did not make an update in a month, I would be dead. I am here to say that I’m actually not dead, even though I didn’t make a post like I said I would. cries in failure and unkept promises I tried my best, but it was just too hard to make a blog post full of energy and life when I just got surgery. Now, I am alive and kicking. So let us kick together.

Also, I would like to take the time to say, thank you for all of the people that read my blog posts. (Honestly, it might be no one, but what matters is I am positive and constantly putting forth my best foot.) tEehEe!

To show my gratitude, I’m going to embed a few work in progress paintings that I am quite proud of. Creating these paintings helped me through the difficult, emotionally and psychologically tumultous time of recovering from surgery. Who would have thought you would be in complete pain if someone slices your body open? nOT mE OwO. When these paintings are done, they will also go up on my Etsy page ;) pls pls pls buy 1 pls buy 1 pls Or just screenshot it and print it off yourself ;) why am i helping you help me not make mOnEyS?

Because I am oH sO CreAtiVE in my naming of paintings, I have Plum Woman and Fancy Woman. They are both unfinished, but I’ve gotten a decent bit done!

Plum Woman: Asian woman looking at you, while surrounded by purple blue fog

Fancy Woman: Asian woman with a few unfinished purple petals floating around her face

Finally, I would like to talk about an awesome book called The Four Agreements. You may have heard of this, but it’s a book about self-freedom. The four agreements you must make with yourself are to always be impeccable with your word (spreading truth and love always), never take things personally, never make assumptions (clearly communicate, do not be afraid), and to BE YOUR BEST! I highly recommend reading it, because while I do 100% agree that the four agreements are pretty common sense, sometimes we don’t follow them. I know that I broke a few of those agreements before I picked up this book, and now I have the awareness to be like, “Hmm. I did not handle that as well as I could have. I wish I could go back in time and change the way I acted in that situation.” But we can’t. That moment, in the past, even if it was 0.19283 seconds ago, is gone forever. This book also taught me to not repeatedly punish myself for something in the past. What’s done is done. We have the choice to learn from that experience and become better, or we can repeat history. What’s your choice?

If you notice I am more cheery than usual, it is because I am drunk off life. I am going to live every day fully and truthfully until I yeet off this mortal coil. I want to be able to say that the Four Agreements changed my life. :)

OK! My motivational spiel is OvA!!! :D

Until next time, keep being your best version of yourself.

Man in straw hat saying "You can do it!" very passionately