It has been exactly 20 days since my last blog post. Rest assured, I have been working my tiny ass off with recruiting and school! Also, unfortunately bad news gong sound… I will probably be only able to post once a month from now on because I’m very busy. And… shrieking ominous sound here I don’t really have time for my side projects, either. TT_____TT Therefore, you shall not hear much updates from my Discord robots, Hell Game, or even my artistic endeavours!

But, wait! Don’t be so depressed, yet! I’m building a phone app for my Accessible Software course! Our project was inspired by my close friend! She grew up with an autistic brother and they had a huge, huge, HUUUUUUUUUUGE book of pictures of stuff around their house. They used this book to communicate with her brother to find out what he wanted in the house. Her brother had limited communication skills, so the picture book method was what worked best for them. Also, her brother was very particular. So they couldn’t just try to show ANY photo of a (for example) blanket. They needed to show him HIS blanket. So, that’s why they had a picture book of household items.

So, the phone app we’re building allows caretakers of people with limited communication to communicate with them using pictures! People can take pictures of stuff and save them in the app. You get to name items (the photos) and there’s even categories. So you can create categories and organize everything. Much better than a big book of pictures because there’s a search feature and it’s all in your phone! :D An app like this can be used for not just autistic people, but maybe someone who gets a stroke and they have limited communication. An app like this could easily communicate what they want. That’s the core purpose of this app, but we’re thinking of adding a “Share galleries” feature so people can share their photos with other people on this app. Maybe even machine learning will be added, so the app can intelligently make suggestions for what picture is wanted today, based on the time and historical patterns of items. It’s all very cool and there’s a lot of room to grow :)

I’m very excited about this app because we get to create something that will be useful! Also, I have never really thought about disabilities or the accessibility of the world around me for those with disabilities, so this is all very eye-opening. If I want to make software or something, I have to make sure it’s usable for everyone! In this case, I’m building an app that will help people!

As you can see, I have been crazy busy with job hunting, since it is recruiting season. I used to hate job hunting but now I love it because I get to talk to people and learn about them and their journey in life. Be it talking to recruiters at Career Fair or just having a phone interview. It’s so cool to learn about the different roles at companies and the impact their work makes on the world. Basically, I get to find out if I’m going to like the impact I’m going to be making at these companies. I don’t want to work somewhere where I don’t feel passionate or excited or motivated about what I do.

I think frequently we college grads, who are so desperately fearing becoming homeless and paying off our college debt, are too robot-like and try to follow recruiter interactions like a recipe book. I learned from a good friend that I should be more relaxed and enjoy the conversation with the recruiter organically rather than try to be a very stoic, serious programmer and execute my elevator pitch. It just doesn’t work for someone like me. This really helped me because now my interactions with recruiters feel more genuine and overall enjoyable. And that’s important :). RemEmbER guYS, RecrUiTeRS ARe peoPlE toO!

Finally, I have a very interesting development to share with you all. I have a 16cm cyst in my body that is holding 981mL of liquid! That’s so gross but so cool. I’m going to get invasive surgery to get it taken out, because at cyst that big must be removed. My lower stomach felt really sharp, intense pain all of a sudden, and I had to be yeeted away with the help of paramedics. I would like to take this moment and say that people who work in the health field are awesome, especially those that have to interface with humans in varying degrees of pain. My pain eventually subsided, so I was in high spirits, but I can only imagine people who are in way more pain and inevitably might be grumpy. So props to them! :D And shout-out to my awesome funny nurse who I told was a great, kind nurse, and she said, “Well, it’s my job! :)” and I replied with, “Well, you can technnically murder me.

Now then, I must yeet! If you don’t see another post from me in roughly a month…. i’M FucKinG DeAD! Hahahahaha.

Woman saying "I'm dead" but in a funny way that doesn't seem like the right reaction to a fucked up joke I made about dying