Hey, guys! My Etsy Shop is officially up and running so that you can GiVe mE yEr FucKin’ MonEy! Just kidding, but also, not really. Shameless self-promotion and marketing, can you be angry at me? I’m just trying to sell my digital art, which the only two pieces I have right now are being listed for $20 but took me roughly 4 hours each, meaning my hourly rate as an artist is… drumroll $5/hr! So if you think they’re beautiful enough to deserve a spot on your abode’s walls, please support me! (Don’t worry, I program so I won’t actually be a starving artist…. yet diabolical laughing here at my unforeseeable future)

It currently only has digital pieces, as the oil pieces that I have are not ones I want to part with. Sorry! :D But I plan on making more oil pieces and putting them on my Etsy Shop! Even though my priority is graduating, I will make time for art. I just need to see how my schedule ends up shaking out to be and working around it to make time for the activity I love: painting!


Also, this segues perfectly into my next topic. Finance!

I discovered this thing called foreign exchange trading (also known as forex or fx), and it’s kind of amazing. People can make money by trading foreign exchange on real-time platforms. Of course, you have to know how to read charts and know something called fundamental analysis (which I don’t actually know, I just know you’re supposed to have this skill) and other things to be able to consistently make money from it. It’s a lot of time and dedication towards learning how to read the market. I am learning right now on an awesome website called BabyPips. There are like 366 lessons or something and I’m only on 6!

But I began to think of other bigger things that I’ll inevitably need to think about, like retirement, pensions (what the hell are pensions?), 401k’s, Roth IRAs (shout out to my Hinge match for mentioning this, you allowed me to learn something new), and more! So, yeah! I went down the rabbit hole. I’m still learning, but it feels pretty overwhelming to have to know all these different financial things. I really wish I learned this in high school. Instead, I had to SiT iN SeX eD anD puT A cOndOm oN A bAnAnA. (All jokes aside, sex education is important. Did you know I used to think that girls peed out their eggs?)

Even for entry-level jobs, it’s important to think of different retirement plans that your company offers. Like 401k’s and how much they’ll match you. Apparently, it’s important to think about retirement as soon as you land your first job as a 20-something. YES!!!! YOU HEARD ME RIGHT!!! I ask my friends who are about to graduate like me about whether they’ve thought of retirement and they tell me it’s so far away. And I agree with them, it is very “far away,” but at the same time retirement is something you plan when you’re young and well. It’s like medical insurance or having an emergency kit, they exist for you to use when you need them because you planned it and manifested it into reality.

Personally, I hope the day never comes when I retire, because if it does come I’m probably going to waste away eating Flamin’ Hot Doritos, apple cider, and Netflix, but if it does, I want to be prepared for that beautiful trainwreck. For you youngins reading this blog post, I suggest you read up on “retirement planning” because we are all moving towards the absolute destination that is death, and right before that is old age! :D

So I implore you, young healthy person, go read about retirement planning!

Stay healthy until then!
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