Hello my brethren. A random quote that I hope inspires you to be better, because hard cold cash money inspires people, right? No, you’re wrong, Jessica, you materialistic sack of— Here goes anyway! :D

If it does not make a dollar, it does not and I repeat, does not make sense. - Nobody Because I Made This Up.

I have been working on some dope front end development for a cool person that I met through the beautiful network that is the glorious and oh-so-Detroity Hacker Fellows program! It has been extremely fun. I fixed the issue of a non-responsive dropdown window in a little over a day so that it is now responsive on mobile and tablets. It feels good to be able to solve problems and contribute. Nothing feels better than making a pull request and getting a notification on BitBucket that it has been *approved*. Ooooh yiiiis sweet glorious beautiful success. Lettuce continue.

So, the app that I am doing a bit of constructive surgery on (hehe, you gets it?) is a React web app that uses Redux. I do not know much about Redux but it seems really cool and I want to learn more about it. I did delve into the Redux DevTools extension for Chrome and it’s pretty neat. Something about technology that you don’t totally get but can do amazing things with excites me. Cue feline-like growl here. I swear I’m not a furry.

I want to make a mobile app that’ll go on the Play Store or App Store one day and I know Redux is used for that. So this is all coming together. mY KNowLedGe GapS ArE coMinG TogEthEr. i’M BecoMInG ultRa StroNK!!! soOn i ShaLL bE NeArLy unStoppABle! I also managed to understand and quickly use the beautiful thing that is flexbox for kinda’ the first time. It feels good to no longer feel like an idiot sandwich with a specific technology. As with all technologies, you may want to bash your head into your desktop and shrek everything you own, but patience, my child :).

Flexbox is love, flexbox is life. Should I get this tattooed on my forehead?

The no ragrets scene from that funny movie The Millers

interviewer: So, tell me about yourself, Jessica. :) What makes you a good candidate for our team?
me: flexbox… is love….. flexbox…. is life.
interviewer: Umm, ok. Hahah… So, what sets you apart from others?
me: FleXBoX… is LoVe… FLEXBOX IS LIFE!!!! flips freaking table
interviewer: 😐 😐 😐 dials 911

Also, making UI responsive is way easier for me now. I used to be like, “NaNi?” ಠ_ಠ But now I’m like, “Ah, easy-peasy. Let’s get going.” Obviously, I could be a lot faster but I’ve learned so much this summer, really in a few months, that I’m proud of myself for growing as a human being. I can’t wait to see what I’m going to learn and get better at next. Mostly, I’m surprised that things I once viewed with a sort of “Oh man this is going to be difficult but let’s do it because I picked this career because i HaTe MaSelF” are now being viewed with a “Ah, ok. I can do that! Leggo!” It’s just crazy how one can change and grow so much in such a short amount of time if you just allow yourself to. Don’t shut yourself down and say “OHHH NOOOO I COULD NEVER AHHHH I’M TRASH.” Just take a deep breath, order coffee with extra espresso, shut the feHcK uP, and just do it. You’ll be happier that you pushed through. :)

It’s funny because lounging around and relaxing feels good and I spend most of my summers doing that. It’s a sort of lazy Sunday vibe but all summer. Really, a quasi-vegetatived state. But this summer I’ve been on a totally different track and I honestly love it. Being productive by coding or creating art or updating my blog, going to the gym regularly, being a functional human being actively working towards my goals and passions is hundo P better. Life is bright and sunny and the air is warm besides the moments when I get hit with a BiG wAvE oF SaDneSs, yet I’ve been the most busy I have been. I guess I’ve discovered what makes me feel good and also is contributing to myself and my future. :) dies by getting T-boned by semi tomorrow morning

I also have been making some nice progress on a new art piece I created. It is my second oil piece. It is called Sky Boi and the reference was a photo of a Brockhampton member. Check it out!

Life is weird because I had a very hard time a few days ago yet here I am, happy as can be. How are you?