I made a Youtube channel! I posted a few of my Procreate timelapse videos on there, each paired with a nice background music to get you in the mood that I was in when I created them. I hope you all click on my Youtube channel and watch a few videos. (Or just watch this one, my personal all-time favorite piece I’ve done so far!) Drop a few comments on how my art made you feel and what you were thinking of when you were watching it, letting the music sink in. And of course… LiKe AnD suBsCriBe FeR mOAr cOnteNT!

As much as I would like to be goofy right now and say funny things, I want to share with you all that even though I am a Computer Science student and programmer, I am also an artist. I am a human. I feel like sometimes people forget that programmers are people, too. And that it’s OK to be into things that aren’t “programm-y” or “tech-y.” Not all programmers enjoy coding very technical, cool things in their freetime. For me, I love sitting back and creating art, which is sort of the opposite of programming. Or I’ll be working on programming projects that are closely intertwined with art. Take, for example, my Hell Game and the Discord robot I am building right now that will act as a “constant positive impulse” for Discord channels (More on that, later! :D).

Art for me has been a refuge. I generally create art in two moods. The first is when I feel very good, happy, positive. The other is when I feel lonely, sad, depressed, and am basically questioning my entire existence. Art lets me put aside all my worries - I’m talking about relationship issues, academic issues, life problems, any and everything that is piling on me - so that I can just spend the next 1 hour or 30 minutes to focus on the blank canvas in front of me. It’s my escape bubble where I pour my feelings and stress into and let myself take a breather. I recharge when I create art so I can tackle my next goal. I can take my stress and turn it into literal art.

I also wanted to write this because I feel like sometimes we are all so stressed and worried and dealing with 1 million + 1 other things in our lives that it can wear us down until we’re finally all broken down and burnt out. Only then do we realize there is a problem. I’ve learned over the years my own signals for when I’m getting exhausted, and I take time to check in with myself and repair myself. I’m like a program. Buggy because I’m human but I keep trying my best even though I make mistakes (wrong course of action for this input, Jessica!!!).

Whoever is reading this, I hope you take some time to revitalize yourself. Do something that makes you feel alive and happy and is good for you. I suggest you create something that you can look back later and recognize as a bench mark for how far you have come in life. Personally, I can look at a piece of art work on my ArtStation and remember what I was going through. And I sit in a moment of awe because I didn’t think I’d get past that challenge in my life, but I did. Because I’m here right now!!! Writing this blog post!!! And so are you, reading this!!! And I think we are all pretty awesome for overcoming the curve balls that this crazy thing called Life throws at us.

I hope you have a good rest of your week! Remember to keep on keeping on! :3 Now, I gotta’ keep uploading my Youtube videos!

Here is a wholesome gif of a duck and dog hugging each other (whattan unexpected friendship! OwO).

duck hugging a dog