Howdy my people. I hope all is well in your lives and you are properly hydrating yourselves in this unGodly summer heat.

This is just an update on the progress of Hell Game. I have spent some time brainstorming ideas for the game, and I think I’ve decided to make it a very fun, dark humor game. There shall be no actual autonomy for the user, in that there is one ending and everyone goes to that same ending. But there will be mini-games in the video game that make it fun for the user as they travel through Hell.

As of now, the concept is that you, the poor damned soul who has been sent to the fiery brimstone gates of Hell, has amnesia! So, you actually don’t know what you did to land in Hell. (No, this is not a mistake on God’s part. Play the game and find out what you did, you sick individual! :D) This game will be a journey of the user to find out exactly what sins they have committed. Once again, if I haven’t made this super clear, it’s going to be pretty weird and janky because I am weird and janky. :D

Since last time, I used FramerX (free trial, thank you my developers) to mock up a cool design. It’s clearly a little bit visual-novel esque, with buttons and whatnot. I think this is more ideal for a web game. Here is a delightful look at the FramerX mock-up I created, which is very weird once again: furiously starts sweating plS nO JudGiES

Take a look at Hell!

Using FramerX wasn’t the hard part, that was easy!

The hard part is actually building the web game, which I’ve started. Also, the interactive mini-games, which I am going to accomplish with WebGL (Graphics Library). Very ambitious, I know. But go big or… drumroll gO tO HeLL! (Go home, it’s GO HOME.) I’m currently learning WebGL basics and trying to understand the technical jargon that is 2D/3D graphics… This is a good representation of how I feel right now as I work through what is, in my opinion, very un-beginner-friendly Mozilla’s WebGL API tutorial:

gif of a little girl who looks a mixture of confused + disturbed

I have very beginner experience with Javascript, so slowly torturing myself with learning WebGl will be great for me. I am mostly excited for the final product that will be the Hell Game. I hope to make it responsive on phones as well, so I have a lot to do.

Enough talking in this update! See you all later. And remember, what is important to you? Are you spending your time on those important things? If not… GET CRACKIN’!

Stay well until then! :)