This game I created, called Success City, is a finished game. If you want to check out the game right now, click here!

If you want to hear me ramble on about this project, keep going.

I really loved creating this. It was so fun. I loved being able to create and weave my own story in this imaginary world that I created (although grounded in reality) and I got to share that with other people by presenting it to my classmates. It is combining two things that I like: 1) Being able to create something and having fun through that creative process 2) Sharing something I love with other people

I really want to keep doing stuff like this. I think I’m going to work on another game like that, with art developed by me. What do you guys think? I think I want to create a scary horror game. Something that will make people pause for a second after they play the game and let the fuckedupness sink in their heads. Does this sound like a good idea? someone dials the police goes to jail forever for being overly expressive in blog post great

I want to create a visual novel like that because I would love to hone my artistic skills more. What better way to do that than be fucking forced to draw all of the sprites I want by hand? I mean, it’ll be hard and a bit difficult for me since I do not like drawing line art, but that’s fine. diScOmFoRt pR0motES Gr0wtH all recruiters who have gotten this far reading take me out their database for potential candidates rip Q_Q

Also, I would like to be able to draw different faces of emotion better. The people I draw are not very expressive sometimes. By making a horror video game, I will be capturing facial expressions of things like fear, love, anger, shock, and the instinctive urge to shit out of fear.

Furthermore, gamification could be applied to a lot of current ways of learning. Games are fun, and these kinds of gamifications through visual novels aren’t scary or anything, so it works for people who don’t even like video games. Gamification also encourages a feel of being in control of your grade. So you’re not thinking: “I don’t know if I’m going to do well cause I’m not that smart,” it’s: “What do I need to do to get 600 points?” (Our gamification system used points. Very fun and you could even map out and plan what assignments you wanted to do and it would remind you.)

Imagine if I could learn Chinese through playing video games! That would be awesome fun. A game that was a mix of English + Chinese and would teach people everyday Chinese through the story! … Wait, I think I just found my next project. HAHAHAHA!

See you guys later.